Tensile Fabric & Structure

A tensile structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending. Tensile structures are the most common type of thin-shell structures. A tensile membrane structure is most often used as a roof, as they can economically and attractively span large distances. Tensile Membrane Structures have a very large market, Tensile being largely in used due to its durability and it easy maintenance, they are widely used in the recreation and industrial areas. Its elegant and aesthetic appeal comes with both durability and style. We are offering these fabricated piece using optimum Quality material and the most modern technology. It has many classy color option with different colour pattern and are client specific. These structures are widely used in Stadium, shaded of the roofs in hotels, Airport more into commercial purpose. We provide turnkey solutions for the Designing, Manufacturing, Installation and Servicing of all types of Fabric Structures.

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