Swimming pool covering

Swimming pool covering:

We offer stylish swimming pool covering with polycarbonate sheet. Swimming pool covers may be used for outdoor swimming pool in order to prolong the swimming season.

By applying the correct parameters the introduction of a polycarbonate housing to cover anoutdoor swimming pool can be a beneficial action providing a significant increase in swimming pool usage throughout the year; improves the variety and level of activity within the facility and extends the life of the pool. These products are usually made from powder coated aluminium, polycarbonate and stainless steel. These materials provide a long and productive life with minimum maintenance.

Green House:

One of the strongest greenhouse coverings, polycarbonate, is a rigid plastic that is almost as transparent as glass. It is available in corrugated single layer or flat twin-wall thicknesses, and is easily cut and installed. The air pockets between the two walls act as an insulator and light transmission is very good through this material. Whether your building a greenhouse or replacing existing greenhouse covering, Growers Supply offers the ideal polycarbonate for your project.