Our Products

Tensile Fabric & structure:

A tensile structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending. Tensile structures are the most common type of thin-shell structures. A tensile membrane structure is most often used as a roof, as they can economically and attractively span large distances. Tensile Membrane Structures have a very large market, Tensile being largely in used due to its durability and it easy maintenance, they are widely used in the recreation and industrial areas. Its elegant and aesthetic appeal comes with both durability and style. We are offering these fabricated piece using optimum Quality material and the most modern technology. It has many classy color option with different colour pattern and are client specific. These structures are widely used in Stadium, shaded of the roofs in hotels, Airport more into commercial purpose. We provide turnkey solutions for the Designing, Manufacturing, Installation and Servicing of all types of Fabric Structures.

Awning Fabric:

An awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas woven ofacrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminium, iron or steel, possibly wood or transparent material.


Polycarbonate Sheet:

We deal with all kinds of imported polycarbonate sheets which are mainly used as an excellent solution for roofing systems. The important factor which give them an edge over other roofing materials are :

  • Long life
  • Big sizes
  • Guarantee against colour fading
  • Low heat transmission

Polycarbonate sheet available in different types. Some of them are

PC Embossed Sheet

PC Multiwall sheet

PC Solid Sheet

Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet:

Embossed polycarbonate Sheet has several features with high impact resistance, light weight, can be easy cold bend processed and hot molding. Hence, it can be widely used in construction and decorations.

Our wide range of high quality polycarbonate embossed rolls and sheets can be used in various ways and for various applications such as for veranda glazing, safety or vandalized areas indoor/outdoor signs or instrument panels. They are exceptional impact strength and virtually unbreakable. Further, they are UV resistance, self-extinguishable and light transmittance.

Such rolls and sheets come with tiny embossed patterns on one side. Such design not just enhances the look of the polycarbonate rolls and sheets but also enhances its firmness and anti-static function. Besides, they add special effect to the sheet.

Standard Colors – Clear, Bronze, Green & Blue, Metallic Grey, Opal White, Ir Green

Standard Thickness – 1.2mm to 4mm

Polycarbonate multiwall Sheet:

Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet is designed to resist impact and are far better than conventional glass and other acrylic material. It is a light, strong, insulating and attractive sheet for use as roofing, cladding, glazing and other applications in construction, advertising, agriculture, industry and DIY. Multiwall Sheets can also be used in canopies, shopping malls, car parking’s and walkways. These sheets are easy to handle and install, virtually unbreakable and can resist extreme weather conditions. Some of the major properties of multi wall polycarbonate sheet include unbreakable, superior impact strength, 90% light transmission, self extinguishing and TAC approved, light in weight and easy to install.

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet:

We offer the best quality Polycarbonate Compact Sheets in the market. The Polycarbonate Compact Sheets that we offer is known for its sturdiness, high strength and durability. We provide the Polycarbonate Compact Sheets in various sizes and thicknesses as per the requirement of the clients. The use of high quality Polycarbonate in the manufacturing of the sheet makes it strong and superior in quality. We make the Polycarbonate Compact Sheets available at the market leading prices.

Galvanized Iron Color Coated Sheet:

We supply a quality range of Galvanized Sheet that is manufactured using quality material. These sheet are available in the varied thickness and designs to cater the requirement of clients. Appreciated for durability, enticing looks and corrosion resistance, these Colour Coated Galvanized Sheet, PPGI Sheet and Galvanized Plain Sheet are more flexible and thus offers an elegant and eye catching look to the whole setup.


  • Durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy assembling, dismantling and transportation

EPDM Rubber Gasket:

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber), type of synthetic rubber, is an elastomer which is characterized by a wide range of applications. EPDM rubber is used in seals .It is mostly used where the silicon must be avoided. EPDM is also used in fixing polycarbonate sheet with aluminium profiles.

Silicon Sealant:

Silicon Sealant prevents water leaks around the home by providing a water-tight barrier. This high-grade multipurpose co-polymer sealant is quick and easy to apply, giving a clear and unobtrusive finish.It is well-suited to exterior applications, such as window frames and glazing around skylights, roofs and gutters or sealing metal or PVC downpipes, and air conditioners’ entries and can even be used to seal wet non-porous surfaces such as metal, so you can deal with that leak fast.

Self Drill screws

Hex Washer Head - medium duty

  1. For medium duty purpose
  2. Roof deck to steel framing
  3. Accessories to steel framing
  1. Precise cutting edges to improve drill performance with less effort.
  2. Point to thread design maximize pull out performance and
  3. Minimizes back out.

Car parking sheds:

Our aim of the company is to provide best quality products and services to clients with new ideas and creativity in the field of car parking sheds, tensile structures, polycarbonate structures.

Car park shades provide cars with protection and coolness. Car park shades are best for office buildings, public areas, shopping malls, retail operations, shopping malls, and more. Car park shades protect vehicles from rains, snow, wind, and sun. Car park shades are equipped with an easy, quick-release system for removing the canopy.

POLY PROJECTS manufactures and installs different models of parking shades. We provide a wide range of parking sheds which is widely appreciated by our clients for easy installation and negligible maintenance. also available in various customized sizes.


Available in a range of styles and colors with optional extras, the canopies can be adapted to suit all architectural styles. Available in extensive range of designs, textures & combinations suitable for office and home uses. They are ideal for creating covered play areas, window, utility areas. Elegance Canopies can be manufactured to your design and specifications to blend with any type of architectural design.

Sky light Duct Covering:

skylight duct is manufactured using MS structure with polycarbonate sheet of ultra violate rays which transfers maximum levels of light from the roof. The duct can be configured in round, square and rectangular shapes and sizes to suit individual customer needs.


The flexibility of a Custom Pyramid and its classic form of Ancient times make it a perfect choice for flat roofs. Aesthetically pleasing, strong and durable in design. Done with polycarbonate sheet and tensile, and galvanize iron color coated sheet

Swimming pool covering:

We offer stylish swimming pool covering with polycarbonate sheet. Swimming pool covers may be used for outdoor swimming pool in order to prolong the swimming season.

By applying the correct parameters the introduction of a polycarbonate housing to cover anoutdoor swimming pool can be a beneficial action providing a significant increase in swimming pool usage throughout the year; improves the variety and level of activity within the facility and extends the life of the pool. These products are usually made from powder coated aluminium, polycarbonate and stainless steel. These materials provide a long and productive life with minimum maintenance.

Green House:

One of the strongest greenhouse coverings, polycarbonate, is a rigid plastic that is almost as transparent as glass. It is available in corrugated single layer or flat twin-wall thicknesses, and is easily cut and installed. The air pockets between the two walls act as an insulator and light transmission is very good through this material. Whether your building a greenhouse or replacing existing greenhouse covering, Growers Supply offers the ideal polycarbonate for your project.